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    I have a charming humorous mother. Because of this, my disposition is also very open and bright, who was called mother to I that many humorous cells.

    My mother has 1.68 meters, Xiu's long stature, because has lived me, the belly is a little big. Sometimes daddy laughs at her, her actually spot is not angry. She said: looks like a lesser panda to be the same. It is not very good!. Sometimes my mother from the useless a wee bit cosmetics, also has used me Johnson the baby Run skin dew, I asked her, she always said: you looked that mother the skin is good, because I am the small treasure!

    My mother like this, what is more laughable is 3 years ago .......

    That day, I am riding the baby carriage and mother go to the garden to take a walk. Suddenly, mother remembers some people to be called her to chat. Therefore, mother delivered immediately me goes home, to mount the car to go. As soon as that movement swings a pendulum, nimble freely. Listens to mother saying that that day on the avenue people face her to look, looked while smiles. Made that mother is very embarrassed.

    Once, in family's window blind clasp has fallen several, could not pull open. Daddy likes himself making, within result one day has not fixed, therefore is angry very much. Mother wants to tease daddy to smile, therefore hides after the window blind squeek, pulls open the window blind, smiles is going forward one step, recommends a wooden staff to treat as the microphone conveniently, sang, after singing in good voice and with feeling sings, she wields begins saying:goodbye, my faithful singer fans!I and daddy bu puff have smiled, more smiled is happier, smiles ha ......Ha ha!. How to do, daddy also smiled? Originally a mother's song, pulled open unexpectedly the window blind. Therefore, daddy smiles is starting to install the window blind hook.

    Hey! Mother you are really good. You are we the pistachio nut, forever happy pistachio nut a forever happy mother! Mother, I loves you.

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